The Software Engineering Club strives to expose beginner Computer Science students to practical software development technologies and concepts they will not learn or be exposed to in their first or second year. These are technologies and skills that are heavily used in the industry and the real world, but not taught in classes. This can benefit the student to get involved with other clubs, hackathons, get a part time internship doing development work, enable them to succeed in interviews, secure summer internships and full time roles, and expand their breadth of knowledge as a developer.

We also connect students with software companies through networking events and workshops/tutorials put on by companies.

Feel free to contact any of the officers below for any questions or concerns


Bradley Treuherz


Michael Pabon

Vice President

McKenna Ville


Jacob Ville

Technical Officer 0

Daniela Travieso

Technical Officer 1

Matt Hannan


Jefferey Hornbeck


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